Origin Duty Management System (Origin DMS) is designed specifically to meet the roistering and planning needs of the UK Police service.

Origin DMS is a comprehensive and flexible rota/shift management system. Whether tracking an individual Officer duty status, or needing to see the bigger picture and monitor team manning levels to better manage resources, Origin DMS enables the Force to analyse shift-trends, manning levels and abstractions at any level, ensuring the right people with the rights skills are deployed at the right time to the right location.

In addition to tracking shift status it also provides for the management of Rest Days, Time Off In Lieu (TOIL), Holidays, Sickness, Absence and Overtime, with all functionality fully self-service and mobile enabled for usage by the officer on the beat.

Proven Benefits:

  • Automates time-consuming tasks
  • Enables cost-effective management of resources
  • Aids procedures and morale
  • Offers better decision-making capabilities
  • Improves use of overtime budget
  • Focuses tactical and operational planning
  • Helps the organisation to meet manning levels
  • Ensures correct deployment of skills
  • Excellent at responding to demands