Customer Service Excellence
Capita operates many of the largest contact centres both in the private and public sector. Building upon this unrivalled experience we now offer a new service to our customers to ensure they have a clear path to delivering customer service excellence and continuous improvement.

With uncertain economic conditions, a challenging marketplace and an ever increasing pressure on budgets, excellence in customer service remains the competitive weapon that helps companies gain market share and build shareholder value.

For hard pressed government organisations customer service excellence offers a new opportunity to break free of long delays and rationing services through long waiting lists to provide breakthrough right first time service which is both more efficient and engaging.

In the last 4 years, we have seen a huge shift from customers and citizens using the telephone and web based information sources to find the answers to their questions to shift to use more immediate technologies such as web chat, guided virtual assistants and co-browsing. We see this trend increasing to include increased use of video, voice activated assistances and inbuilt applied intelligent (AI) applications. This growth in many different channels presents new opportunities to reinvent customer service as well as new challenges in providing a joined-up experience and seamless service.  

Capita Integrated Business Solutions are your partner to reinvent customer service in this new world. With the changing from multi-channel call centres to true Omni Channel service where customers expect to be able to be served the way they want, anytime, through any channel and have a seamless experience no matter what combination of tools and channels they may use. Our services provide you with a complete end to end road map to deliver Customer Service Excellence (CSX).
Achieving Customer Service Excellence (CSX)
Our services provide the planning, designing, implementation and support for the market leading applications in customer service and we work with your team to provide a continual operational improvement to make sure you continue to lead the industry in delighting your customers and citizens.

  • Our services include:
  • Providing seamless and efficient service with Customer Journey Mapping
  • Discovering what your customers/citizens really value with ‘Voice of Customer’ Analysis
  • Developing an Omni Channel Customer Service Strategy and Architecture
  • Deploying modern best practice processes for
    • Omni-Channel Contact Centres
    • Resource availability and time to arrival in Field Service
    • Human Resource Help Desk operation
  • Carrying out software evaluations of the leading CRM/ Customer Service Applications and Communication technologies
  • Providing implementation Services for leading Customer Service/CRM applications