Oracle Consultancy

Reduce the workload of your IT staff with our Oracle DBA Services

Our Oracle Database Admin experts provide you with skilled database and application administration services to seamlessly manage both your production and non-production environment. By leveraging our managed services expertise we will ensure you get the most out of your Oracle installation.

Benefits to your organisation

  • Continuity - Reduced planned downtime during operating business hours
  • Reliability - Reduced unplanned downtime through better managed systems
  • Cost efficient - Elimination of the need to recruit, train, and retain Oracle DBAs
  • Flexibility - scalable staffing model, with global resources to handle peak workloads

We offer perfect scalability. Simply use our resources during peak processing periods, upgrade/update cycles, for evening or weekend support, or in the absence of your primary database administrator. You can choose to purchase Supplemental, Off-Hours, or Peak Period support as required - the choice is yours.

Supplemental Support

  • Support for specialty systems either for patch assistance or ongoing administration
  • Daily support to augment your existing DBA

Peak Period Support

  • Full time support during peak processing periods such as month-end close
  • Full time support during software release updates and upgrades
  • Training assistance to primary DBA as required

Off-Hours Support

  • Full evening and weekend support including administration of multiple database/application server installations including production, development, test and training
  • Database/Application Server monitoring and resolution of severity 1 issues
  • Database/Application Server patch application
  • Database Cloning