Centros ERP – the flexible, cost effective and fully integrated ERP solution

We have teamed up with specialist HR and Payroll software supplier Core HR to offer a new, highly advanced Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system.  Centros ERP offers all the advantages of our award winning Integra finance solution boosted by the HR, payroll and employee benefits capability of Core HR to provide our customers with a powerful, fully integrated and highly flexible service from a single vendor.

Save time, money and resources

Centros ERP will enable organisations to find new, innovative ways to manage their complex administration processes, resulting in significant savings in time, money and resources.  It’s online and agile as well as easy, quick and intuitive to use, so staff can use it when or where they need.  With powerful, transparent reporting and BI, Centros ERP empowers organisations to streamline their key business processes and reduce paperwork so they can focus on meeting the needs and expectations of their staff, suppliers and customers.  

Environmentally friendly too

Centros ERP is available as a hosted service or cloud based solution, which takes away the cost of hosting servers in house, thereby reducing energy bills as well as the carbon footprint!

To find out more about how Centros ERP can transform your business, reduce your administration workload and save you time, money and effort – click here.