Benefits to you:

  • HMRC compliant and scalable to meet the requirements of any organisation.
  • Eliminate bottlenecks and the 'month-end' rush to claim by submitting expenses whenever and wherever using a mobile device.
  • With an effective hierarchy of approvers in place, the risk of fraudulent claims will be eradicated
  • Dramatically reduces claim processing time and human resource, and by putting effective rules and restrictions in place helps to control overall spend. The ROI can be achieved within a very short timescale
  • Instant access to all expense claims
  • Clear insight into what is being spent and by whom
  • Real time visibility, transparency of all expenses activity and cash flow
  • Secure audit trail for compliance
  • Reduces manual work and paper storage
  • Motivates employees because they are never ‘out of pocket’

Features of Integra expenses management:

  • Totally web enabled, empowering mobile working
  • Photos of receipts can be attached to expense claim
  • Post code calculation for mileage claims
  • Configurable to your organisation’s rules and limits
  • Claim entry limit to avoid late claims
  • HMRC compliant
  • Fully interoperable with existing systems

Supports the entire expenses claims and payment cycle