Experience next generation data management

The transition from paper to electronic forms seems like a no-brainer. Who wouldn’t want to abolish the anachronism of paper forms in capturing business-critical information? Save time, money and resources by replacing your current paper based data capture forms with Integra eForms.  

As data is entered directly into your system by the user, the highly laborious manual data entry process of re-keying data and associated human error are eradicated. Processing time is dramatically reduced thanks to automated workflows and the use of automated approvals and eSignatures will move the data seamlessly to the next stage in the process. 

Integra Centros eForms will also provide an audit trail for data collection and requests, whilst driving down costs and freeing up valuable time.

Benefits to your organisation:

  • Increased response times

  • Improved visibility

  • Enhanced process efficiency

  • Reduces your exposure to compliance policy violation, litigation and penalties

You can create your own forms or chose from our ready-to-go library of forms:

  • Change/addition of employee/supplier bank details

  • Business interest application

  • Payroll notification

  • Vehicle hire

  • New/change of position request

  • Uniform and accessories

  • Maternity notification

  • New user/customer/supplier