How we engage with you

The secret to a successful project lies in the engagement process. It allows us to take a deep-dive into your business, discover your ambitions and stresses and translate them into an innovate technology solution that will make your vision reality.

A successfully proven engagement model

Discovery - We'll help you generate insights and ignite creativity to stretch and clarify your vision. We employ generative and analytical practices. We do cross-function workshops, competitive analysis and research on profiles, personas and customer journeys. Within weeks you'll have a roadmap to make your vision reality.

Design - Our design approach is centred on your users. They are at the centre of your business, so we put them at the centre of the technology we build for you. Our objective is to create a solution that is intuitive and user-friendly, or in other words, to provide you with an application that your employees or customers will actually want to use. 

Development - Where possible we develop your software based on our proven framework, ready-to-integrate code, methods and best practices. This helps to drive down your cost of development, decrease time to deployment and speed up your return on investment. Depending on your preferred project methodology (agile or waterfall) at this stage we can either develop your final solution or break the project down into smaller chunks so you can review and sign off individual components.

Delivery - You've set out on this journey because you wanted a solution that would automate current processes and create efficiencies. At this stage we make sure that efficiency is what you'll get! Our intensive testing and quality assurance standards, as well as our integration and training capabilities allow us to make sure the complete solution is ready for a successful go-live.

Defence - What's left is to make sure your application stays armed against future niggles. Not only can we protect and support your software but we can also help you with ongoing enhancements to make sure your solution remains fit for purpose.