Cloud solutions and Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) offerings are beneficial to organisations of all sizes, and the model is being taken up enthusiastically by the largest corporates as well as the smallest SMEs. If you are looking for total reliability, high levels of security and IT infrastructure that can grow with your business, our Cloud solution will meet your requirements.

Integra Centros uses the latest database technology to offer a full multi-tenant, multi-company financial software solution. Scalable and flexible to meet the needs of your organisation, Integra Centros provides cost efficiencies through on demand cloud usage to ensure you only pay for what you need. 

The benefits to your organisation

  • Reliability and security — We look after disaster recovery and business continuity planning
  • Cost savings — Our centres deliver at least 35% more savings, and a lower carbon footprint than conventional data centres
  • Scalability — The modular design means that we can satisfy your demand for extra capacity as your business grows
  • Peace of mind — Our cloud service is fully managed. So we look after all your cloud hosting needs – and all the technical and staffing issues that come with them – leaving you free to concentrate on your business
  • Subscription based pricing – We can offer a SaaS pricing model where you can project your spend on an as-used basis. Not sure how much you need? We can help you define this using a model based on your requirements and our experience.

Safe, secure, cost-effective cloud service

Our cloud service is fully managed and hosted in our own data centres – all ANSI/TIA Tier 3 sites. Capita operates a comprehensive Information Security and Quality Management System (ISQMS) which defines and meets company policy and procedures in these areas, including but not exclusive to software development and service delivery.