Gain a competitive advantage

Capita Integrated business solutions has considerable expertise in the private sector working with leading companies in the UK, Ireland and around the world to help them improve their financial performance, productivity and competitiveness. Our expertise ranges from delivering world-class financial management software, procurement, hosting and e-Business solutions.

Financial Services
Whether your business is banking, financial services provision, wealth or asset management, insurance or an advisory services, the challenges & pressures you face an ever shifting landscape fraught with risks. 

Maximising your assets to provide an excellent customer experience, driving growth and profitability, controlling costs whilst mitigating risks and meeting regulatory compliance can be very challenging.

Capita Integrated Business Solutions have the innovation, experience, people & solutions to support your businesses through these times. With 30 years’ experience supporting private and public sectors Capita has the financial tools to help you achieve your desired business outcomes.

The pressure on Utilities organisations is unprecedented. Factors such as the drive to review existing business models, adapt to the shift in technology, maintain & increase customer satisfaction whilst protecting margins are all key challenges today.

Whether your top priorities are driving profit, controlling and managing costs, providing analytics and reports from which key decisions can be made and meeting regulatory & compliance legislation we can support you. 

Capita Integrated Business Solution have over 30 years of best practice and experience within the Public & Private Sector supporting organisations through changing times. Our experts take a consultative approach to understanding your organisation whilst delivering value and best practice.

Transport & Logistics
When speed and agility is what drives you, the competitive advantage Capita Integrated Business Solutions has is the experience and innovation to be your business partner.

The Transport & Logistics department face a challenging environment where the demand to delivery excellent service is highly competitive. Organisations require efficient financial business processes releasing their staff from manual tasks, greater visibility of resources and tighter control over costs to compete and drive profit margins whilst delivering excellent customer service.

Capita Integrated Business Solutions has over 30 years’ experience and delivering best practice in business. Our experts are positioned to consult to understand your greatest challenges in order to optimise your business performance and help you mitigate risk.