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When everyone wants to know how you spend your funds

Charities can’t thrive without maintaining public trust. The general public and donors in particular have a keen interest in how charities spend their money which puts finance and procurement teams under a high level of scrutiny.

Integra Purchase-to-Pay comes with a range of analytical tools that allow charitable organisations not only to demonstrate financial control and compliance but also ensures their funds get them value for money.

Responsible eSourcing

Ensure your supply chain demonstrates social and ethical responsibility as well as legal compliance

End-to-end procurement

A fully integrated procurement process that eliminates resource-hungry manual processes and helps to prevent unauthorised spendi

Efficient use of resources

Highly visual analytic tools help to increase financial visibility and accountability, identify procurement savings and maintain

Mobile Workforce

Reduce backlogs and administration time by enabling your workforce to complete their tasks anytime, anywhere

The public wants to see charities explain more and account better for how they manage and spend their money. They want to see honest and ethical fundraising, and they want to know that charities are making a positive difference to their causes. We can also see that when people know more about a charity their trust and confidence in charities generally increases.

Sarah Atkinson, Director of Policy & Communications, The Charity Commission for England and Wales

Capita’s consultants have been excellent from day one and we are now looked after by the support team, whose response continues to be proactive and professional.


Capita’s charitable support

We run an active charity support programme, and have already raised over £550,000 for our current chosen charity The Prince's Trust since our partnership began!

On top of that Capita’s employees run local events in support of charities of their choosing and take part in volunteering opportunities. Find out more.

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