West Hertfordshire NHS Trust Simplifies Budgeting with Integra Open Enterprise Implementation

Posted on 01st November 2010 | Share

Integra Budgeting & Forecasting, part of the Integra Financial Management suite from Capita IB Solutions, is helping West Hertfordshire NHS Trust improve decision-making and lower administrative costs by increasing the accuracy and timeliness of the organisation's budget forecasts.


A Capita IB Solutions customer since 2000, West Hertfordshire NHS Trust recently completed the implementation of the Budgeting & Forecasting application following an upgrade to Integra Open Enterprise.


West Hertfordshire Hospitals NHS Trust was formed on 1 April 2000 following the merger of St Albans and Hemel Hempstead NHS Trust and Mount Vernon and Watford NHS Trust. The Trust is one of the largest organisations in West Hertfordshire, employing around 4,000 members of staff, and now sought an automated budgeting system that would more easily communicate with its other business applications and scale to accommodate the needs of the Trust.


Without a standardised and integrated budgeting system, employees faced inefficient, time-consuming approval processes and department-specific formatting requirements, before sending final budget data to finance staff. The Integra Budgeting & Forecasting application will help West Hertfordshire NHS Trust streamline this process by automating budget approvals and providing staff with accurate, up-to-date budget information across the organisation. The application's security will also help ensure that employees access just the information they need.


In addition to improved budget accuracy and reduced administrative time, the system will also help West Hertfordshire NHS Trust enforce cost controls across the organisation so managers can better optimise staff resources and meet efficiency targets.


"Efficient budgeting enables healthcare organisations to reduce administration, drive better-informed business decisions and improve business visibility," said Eamonn Morris, Managing Director for Capita IB Solutions. "Our industry-leading software and healthcare expertise helps customers like West Hertfordshire NHS Trust to simplify the business of healthcare so they can focus on enhancing patient care."

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