West Hertfordshire NHS Trust Extends Current Bureau Service with iSOFT Business Solutions

Posted on 08th August 2010 | Share

Capita IB Solutions, a market leader in providing world-class financial management, e-Procurement and bespoke solutions to service-centric organisations, has today announced that West Hertfordshire Hospitals NHS Trust has extended its current bureau service.

West Hertfordshire Hospitals NHS Trust, employing around 4,000 members of staff, has extended its investment with Capita IB Solutions by upgrading to Integra Open Enterprise and implementing a new budgeting module in a fixed-term bureau service contract.

The bureau service helps alleviate much of the administrative strain placed on West Herts IT employees, which helps minimise the hospital's risk of managing multiple business systems. By dealing with issues such as disaster recovery and backup testing, Capita IB Solutions bureau service is helping to free IT staff time to pursue more strategic initiatives.

The implementation of the new Integra Open Enterprise solution is part of a West Hertfordshire Hospitals NHS Trusts Finance & Procurement services project that plans to deliver significant benefits and reinvestment into patient services.

"Organisations like West Hertfordshire Hospitals NHS Trust need a cost-effective alternative to managing their complex business systems so staff can focus on achieving operational goals," said Eamonn Morris, Managing Director for Capita IB Solutions. "Our bureau service gives West Herts NHS Trust a comprehensive hosted business system with a single price contract and point of contact for all aspects of its Integra installation."

Additionally, West Hertfordshire Hospitals NHS Trust can also expect better quality information and greater process efficiencies with implementing the Integra Budgeting module and it will help to deliver the radical changes to budgeting, forecasting and reporting proposed by the Audit Commission.

For further information please contact Steven Budge, Marketing Manager, steven.budge@ibsolutions.com


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