West Hertfordshire Hospitals NHS Trust Extends Managed Services Contract

Posted on 14th July 2011 | Share

West Hertfordshire Hospitals NHS Trust enjoys a rare luxury with its financial management and procurement systems. Since 2003, all the hardware, maintenance, networking and security requirements have been provided by Capita IB Solutions in a comprehensive and cost-effective Managed Services solution. This has provided a host of time and cost savings benefits, including reduced capital expenditure, and has removed the need for specialist IT hardware resources on site.


Earlier in 2011, West Hertfordshire Hospitals NHS Trust agreed a three-year extension to its Managed Services contract with Capita IB Solutions. This covers all the accounting ledgers as well as eProcurement, Invoice Approval, Budgeting and Forecasting, Web Reporting and enquires. As part of the new contract, the Trust has added Business Intelligence and Optical Character Recognition to its portfolio.


Satish Kumar from the Trust explains, the Managed Service allows the Trust to focus on developing the system and optimising it to ensure maximum benefit. "Thanks to the contract we have in place, we can focus all our efforts on our operations without having to worry about the hardware. We know that all updates, patches, technical issues, security and disaster recovery are handled by Capita IB Solutions' team, far more effectively than we could manage them ourselves. The process has always been very reliable, and we enjoy a fast, secure connection to our servers at all times. Updates are carried out over the weekend so they don’t affect our operations."


Satish concludes, "Integra has a very user-friendly system interface, which means users are up and running with the software very quickly. We have been able to integrate the system with other applications, such as the Pharmacy and NHS Logistics systems, so that we can handle their transactions quickly and efficiently. The Managed Services contract allows my department to focus on keeping users happy and also on developing the reporting side of the system. It is a comforting feeling to know that everything is in safe hands."

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