Warehousing/Logistics for Jenkinson Group

Posted on 19th October 2007 | Share

The Jenkinson Group has awarded the contract for the supply of an enhanced warehousing system to Capita IB Solutions. The Jenkinson Group is an Irish Company operating in the following fields: • Ocean Freight • Road Freight • Air Freight • Warehousing/Logistics • Supply-Chain management With warehouses in Dublin, Cork, Shannon and overseas they offer facilities which include: • Pick-and-Pack • De-trashing • Vendor Hubbing • Sampling • Labelling The system is capable of receiving requests for picks or returns electronically and automatically processing the details. Multiple pick strategies are available for each customer. Pick lists, pack lists, labels and delivery reports are also produced. Emails or ASCII files can also be issued to the customer automatically when goods are received, picked and/or delivered. Picks may also be batched according to the delivery type in order to allow prioritization and optimum usage of assembly areas for packing. The system can also suggest how best to pack for delivery, based on available empty cartons of various sizes for the customer (particularly useful for small goods). Picks can also be confirmed in bulk (i.e. only the exceptions need to be entered). The system also caters for tracking of consignment stock and email notification to vendors regarding goods issued from the warehouse. A full history of pick, product and location activity is maintained in the system which can be viewed in drill-down mode. Spreadsheets and/or reports containing stock information may also be scheduled and issued automatically to the customer via email. Functionality is provided for stock put-away (PC or hand held devices), cycle counting, transfer of stock, quarantining and recording of stock exceptions, etc. The system is highly parameterized and can operate in different ways for individual warehouse customers, if required. The system also allows the customers access via the web to check on the stocks available and their current status. "We wanted to provide our customers with a better service whereby they could not only send their requests electronically but also allow them to track the status of the items via the web.", explains Leo Layden, Head of IT at Jenkinson. For more information on any Capita IB Solutions news story or event please email - ibs.marketing@ib-s.co.uk or ibs.marketing@ibs.ie.

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