Shared Services and the Public Sector

Posted on 14th September 2011 | Share

Across the public sector, sharing services with other organisations is seen as a positive step forward in this Age of Austerity. Indeed, nearly six in 10 (57.3%) respondents to UKauthorITy and ITU's research reported a presumption within their organisation in favour of sharing.

The survey of 479 senior executives, directors and officers from across 310 central and local government, police, fire and health organisations, elicited some interesting responses

• Shared services are overwhelmingly seen as an opportunity to cut costs –94.2% either agree or strongly agree with this suggestion.
• More than seven in 10 see opportunities in shared services for innovation; for radical redesign of service delivery and for improvements in service quality.
• A minority of just 5.1% felt that shared services had no benefit for their organisation; and just 5.7% said that their organisation's needs were unique to the extent that sharing services with others would not be possible.

But is this news? There has long been positive talk of shared services but little progress. Is that really different now? View the ITU Live discussion of these findings click here

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