Selected as the preferred supplier by North East Patches Shared Systems Group (NEP)

Posted on 14th February 2008 | Share

Capita IB Solutions, part of the IBA Health Group (ASX:IBA) and a market leader in providing world class business accounting software, procurement and bespoke solutions to service-centric organisations has been selected as the preferred supplier by North East Patches Shared Systems Group (NEP). The ten-year contract, worth £16.45m, is for the provision of a managed service contract to host the Oracle E-Financials and Procurement Suite. The consortium of 56 NHS bodies within the UK maintains Capita IB Solutions position as the leading supplier of financial accounting systems to the NHS, with a 52% market share. NEP Programme Director Bob Telford, said: "We are getting a cost-effective solution from a proven supplier. Capita IB Solutions understands the healthcare business and offers great flexibility by consistently adapting to support our needs in the ever-changing NHS and NEP landscape. "We enjoy a genuine partnership with Capita IB Solutions which is now underpinned by the investment from the IBA Health Group." The NEP Shared System Group is managed on a consortium basis with Northumbria Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust acting as the host organisation for the management of contractual and financial relationships. For more information on any Capita IB Solutions news story or event please email –

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