Online Customer Account Services solution for Mayo County Council

Posted on 01st December 2008 | Share

Mayo County Council has implemented an Online Customer Account Service solution to improve customer service and operational efficiency. We wanted to provide our customers with a better service whereby they could not only pay us online, but could also look up their account at any time to establish if any balances were outstanding, explains Rick Love, at Mayo County Council. We wanted to do this in a way that would also bring about efficiencies for the Council by reducing telephone or personal caller queries on accounts and by processing online receipts automatically with minimal manual intervention. Mayo County Council selected the Online Customer Account solution from, Capita IB Solutions who will integrate it with the Council’s Financial Management Systems. Capita IB Solutions provides a secure way for customers to access their account details and to make payments online. Capita IB Solutions achieved this by establishing unique user names and passwords for each customer and by providing an industry-standard mechanism for payment online by way of debit or credit cards. By automating payment the amount of manual receipting will be reduced and the number of telephone queries will reduce as take-up on the service increases. The solution allows us to provide better customer service and a more efficient way of making payment which ultimately results in improved cashflow, continues Rick. It is a win-win scenario, with our customers receiving better service by way of up to date information and an easy method of payment, and Mayo County Council gaining by reducing the administration involved in the collection process.

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