Nottinghamshire County Council – new ways of supporting self funders of long-term care

Posted on 21st February 2013 | Share

Service Director, Promoting Independence and Public Protection of Nottinghamshire County Council Paul McKay, service director from Nottinghamshire County Council, said: “At Nottinghamshire County Council, we understand that the majority of people want to continue living in their own homes for as long as possible and we have a variety of services to help them do this. But regardless of what services we offer, we know that some people with greater needs will require residential or nursing care.

“We are working with PayingForCare and Capita IB Solutions to provide self funders with valuable information about long-term care. This will not only potentially help them to protect their assets, but it will also help to reduce the number of self funders who use all their savings and eventually rely on local authority support.

“We are taking a proactive approach by utilising our front line staff and have produced joint marketing materials to encourage people to seek advice. We are also working with the local media and using our libraries and other public buildings to promote the support available.

“We have also set up and promoted a web directory which gives people information about spaces available all care homes in the county. As part of this, there are clear links to how to get specialist information and advice including financial advice.

“The key aspect of this web new system is that we are instantly notified about all new self funders in the county. We can then get in touch with the care home where they are living and ask whether the resident wishes to  speak with one of the PayingForCare advisers. All the care homes using the system are required to notify us about any new self funders as part of our payment protocol.

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