iSOFT Business Solutions wins contract for Business Performance Monitor

Posted on 17th May 2007 | Share

The Institute of Public Administration (IPA) has awarded Capita IB Solutions the contract for the supply and implementation of its Business Performance Monitor which will provide information on how the organisation is performing across both the Operational and Finance aspects of its business. Integra Business Performance Monitor (IBPM) has been introduced to provide pro active reporting of business critical information. IBPM enables key financial and statistical data to be monitored on line within the Integra application, notifying users electronically if predefined criteria or tolerances have been met. IBPM allows for the ongoing management of all data held within the Integra application suite, as well as third party data that has been either uploaded to the system or is available through third party ODBC. It covers areas such as: • Liquidity • Course Bookings • Cost Earning Ratio • Satisfaction Surveys • Business Unit Performance • Advance bookings The system offers full flexibility in the creation of Performance Indicators. Users can select each area to be monitored and define minimum and maximum warning alert levels. Each statistic within the KPI can be monitored and managed independently; if the predefined criteria are met an electronic alert can be sent to designated users. Parameters allow various display options to be set. This ensures that although full monitoring of data is occurring, users are only informed if the alert level is reached. KPI alerts are available through e-mails and Integra eSeries providing relevant information in an intuitive format. About IPA The Institute of Public Administration is the Irish national centre for development and best practice in public administration and public management. The Institute provides training and education, research and publication services to the public sector. The Institute provides training services to over 15,000 participants annually, as well as catering for 1,500 students on their NUI accredited education courses In addition, it provides consultancy services in the areas such as Human Resources and Information Technology areas and their research division is focused on public management research. The IPA has 120 full time staff with 250 associate staff available on demand. For more information on any Capita IB Solutions news story or event please email - or

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