iSOFT Business Solutions launches new Water System

Posted on 13th December 2007 | Share

Capita IB Solutions have been researching and developing new solutions to offer to our customer base over the past few months. As part of this research, Capita IB Solutions announces a new Water System for any party responsible for collecting and recording Water Meter Readings and wishing to provide intelligent data reporting and automated billing. We are able to offer mobile field solutions for the collection of data from the Water Meters for reporting and billing purposes. This enables field staff to electronically identify a water meter by scanning a bar code placed on the meter. This automatically identifies the account to which the meter belongs and the operator simply needs to type in the current meter reading. This solution minimises data entry and reduces the risk of incorrect identification or association of water meters and accounts. Not only do the mobile devices enable the recording and identification of water meters and accounts, they can also be fitted with a GPRS module providing excellent visual aids tools to the user that will enable the reader to work more efficiently. Available at every stage of the recording/billing cycle is a comprehensive range of enquiries and reports. Many of the common enquiries functionality of the water system is being enabled over the web. This allows users in different departments of a Local Authority/Water Company to gain access to water meter accounts to view consumption details and water demands. Utilisation of the Water System can lead to many benefits within your organisation including: • Effective transition and management from fixed to metered accounts • Upload / Remote recording of meter readings • Drill down detail on account and premise details • Ability to have up to date account balance • Wide range of reports highlighting budgetary, estimate and revenue income totals • Upload of information to financial systems In some cases, the authority is choosing to contract out this task of recording meter readings to a third party. In such cases, the Water System will accept information through an external interface from a third party system. This may be through XML, comma-delimited files (.CSV) or ASCII text. At a minimum the information provided from the third-party must include key data to allow the water system to uniquely identify the water meter and what account or customer it belongs to. We can provide services that will enable us to incorporate our specialist web-based design and development skills and enable the very latest use of mobile field technology to gather essential data for reporting purposes. Using our new Business Performance Monitor to customise Key Performance Indicators from our customers' critical data, we can enable new levels of reporting and alerting for real-time business performance management. Delivery of these projects is in conjunction with Professional and Managed Services to incorporate their expertise to give you a full environmental solution tailored to your needs. This new solution is fully integrated with Integra and can be supported by our Online Payments & Billing System modules if required for our Integra Customers. For more information on any Capita IB Solutions news story or event please email – or

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