iSOFT Business Solutions launches new Waste Monitoring System

Posted on 01st November 2007 | Share

Capita IB Solutions have been researching and developing new solutions to offer to our customer base over the past few months. For our many Local Authorities we have a new offering for their Environmental Services Division which is our new Waste Monitoring System. We are in the process of working with a number of our customers to help them eliminate continuous data entry into spreadsheets by taking data from its raw source such as: • Weighbridge Data from the Weighbridge Owner • PDA (or manual) Collection Data from the Waste Services Company (Assisted Lifts, Missed Bins) • Street Cleaning Audits – mobile data reporting • Graffiti Audits – mobile data reporting • Bring Site data (history of Bring sites, performance of Bring sites) • Tonnage Statistics for revenue reward • Raise Variation Reporting for contract management Some of this data will be used for KPI reporting to serve the requirements of the BV199 statistics that DEFRA specify for Environmental Protection. We are able to provide automated data import, statistical manipulation and reporting on the same without the need of spreadsheet entry. • Household Management % of total waste recycled. • Recycling tonnage figure - how much is produced (dry waste). • Household composite % of total waste. • Household Waste kilos per head. • % change in kilos per head. As Local Authorities Waste Management Revenue is based on the accuracy of the 'total recycled tonnage' reporting, our software has to ensure that management reporting can be produced easily to track performance on an ad-hoc or scheduled basis on all required KPI's. We are able to include Alerting based on specified data parameters such % on BV199A, BV199B, BV199C and Detritus should they fall above/below the average set by the Government which can change yearly. This enables our customers to make educated decisions about their Waste Management strategy for performance improvement. We can provide services that will enable us to incorporate our specialist web-based design and development skills and enable the very latest use of mobile field technology to gather essential data for reporting purposes. Using our new Business Performance Monitor to customise Key Performance Indicators from our customers' critical data, we can enable new levels of reporting and alerting for real-time business performance management. Delivery of these projects is in conjunction with Professional and Managed Services to incorporate their expertise to give you a full environmental solution tailored to your needs. This new solution is fully integrated with Integra and can be supported by our Refuse Billing System module if required for our Integra Customers. For more information on any Capita IB Solutions news story or event please email - or

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