iSOFT Business Solutions launches new Waste Management System

Posted on 23rd October 2007 | Share

Capita IB Solutions have been researching and developing new solutions to offer to our customer base over the past few months. For our many Local Authorities we have a new offering for their Environmental Services Division which is our new Waste Management System. We have an intelligent design to our new Waste Management System which will enable us to allow you easy querying and reporting at the most logical level with easy drop down selections and will reduce the time to access Customer Records and Service Management Queries. This has been designed specifically to enable your Service Desk to deal with customer enquiries pro-actively with all the data relating to the customer ready and available to them for immediate information. Our Customers will be able to receive calls from the public and log them with minimum information due to our pre-coded list selections and auto fill features. They will be able to enjoy the following features: • Ability to include as many services as possible on one system for Waste Collection Management, Waste Monitoring Management and Street Cleaning Management. • Fast form completion with auto fill for required data fields with pre-set coding. • Easy navigation ability for Service Desk so that calls can be dealt with quickly. • Central enquiry with all data held and easily accessible. • Ability to see history of street/property immediately. • Contractor or Waste Collector can close enquiry themselves via Web. • Potential for customers to log calls via web - a future capability for those LA's who wish to fully automate. Additionally, this system will be able to take data feeds from mobile PDA technology to provide real-time service level reporting. We can provide services that will enable us to incorporate our specialist web-based design and development skills and enable the very latest use of mobile field technology to gather essential data for reporting purposes. Using our new Business Performance Monitor to customise Key Performance Indicators from our customers' critical data, we can enable new levels of reporting and alerting for real-time business performance management. Delivery of these projects is in conjunction with Professional and Managed Services to incorporate their expertise to give you a full environmental solution tailored to your needs. This new solution is fully integrated with Integra and can be supported by our Refuse Billing System module if required for our Integra Customers. For more information on any Capita IB Solutions news story or event please email - or

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