iSOFT Business Solutions signs up to BASDA Green Charter

Posted on 01st June 2009 | Share

Capita IB Solutions, today announced that it has signed up to the Business Application Software Developers Association (BASDA) Green Charter. The Green Charter is a major initiative on green IT from BASDA, the UK Software Industry Association. The BASDA Green Charter makes a clear commitment to switch to a carbon efficient economy, both within the BASDA member organisations and stakeholders who have undersigned the charter and through their software solutions which power the processes that enable global business. The Charter was launched by BASDA in October last year and the organisations undersigning the charter will strive to play their part in combating climate change in the following ways: - To take pro-active steps to increase the carbon efficiency of our own organisations such that we will be regarded as low-carbon entities - To enhance our software solutions to enable customers to become part of a carbon efficient economy - Via BASDA, to engage in the debate around green ICT - including measurement, reporting, data requirements and standards - To work as an industry through BASDA to educate and increase awareness of green issues as they relate to ICT and particularly business software For more information please visit BASDA Green Charter

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