Integra joins the G-Cloud crowd!

Posted on 10th July 2014 | Share

Capita Integrated business solutions (Capita) is delighted to announce that its Financial Management solution, Integra, is now a member of the ‘on-line’ marketplace, CloudStore. 

CloudStore or the ‘G-Cloud’ as it is better known, puts public sector organisations in touch with high quality, pre-selected and approved suppliers from all over the country. This means they can now buy best value, highly agile, Internet based products and solutions from pre vetted organisations, ensuring the taxpayer always receives a good deal. So how does it work? Suppliers large and small apply to join the G-Cloud and have to sign up to a strict set of rules, regulations and ways of working. They are then checked and assessed by the government and, if approved, are placed into the ‘store’. What’s unique about the G-Cloud is that it offers public sector organisations access to cloud based ‘pay as you go’ services, which can be considerably cheaper than traditional on premise ICT.

As Eamonn Morris, Managing Director at Capita, commented: ‘We are proud and excited to be an approved supplier on the G-Cloud. We believe that our involvement in this unique scheme will ensure that even more public sector organisations can take advantage of our award winning and highly flexible business solutions, helping them to save time, money and resources and achieve lasting transformation’. 

To find out more about our Cloud offering visit the Integra in the Cloud page or download the Integra in the Cloud overview document from our download centre.

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