Improve your financial management and operations, drive efficiencies, and embrace digital innovation with an adaptable, secure, integrated and reliable cloud- hosted solution. 

Our cloud hosted service provides organisations with: 

Peace of mind — Our cloud service is fully managed. We look after all your cloud hosting needs – and all the technical and staffing issues that come with them – leaving you free to concentrate on your business

Reliability and security —Investing in robust business continuity planning is good business practice, moving to the cloud supports you in that plan- ensuring that your important information is recoverable, secure and accessible in any situation.

Cost savings — Our cloud data centres deliver at least 35% more savings, and have a lower carbon footprint than conventional data centres

Scalability — The modular design means that we can satisfy your demand for extra capacity as your organisation grows - if you're expanding, so can we, but the beauty is if you need to scale down in some areas the cloud can help you do that easily too

Flexibility - Being cloud based means that you can access our service anytime, anywhere, and even from your mobile

Seamless updates – Need more functionality? No problem - the nature of the cloud means that we can give you updates, make changes and integrate new functionality into your platform remotely, quickly and regularly as new developments are released.

Cloud Financial Management with Integra Centros

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