A complete IT solution for local authority garden waste subscription services

Local authorities implementing subscription garden waste collection services require IT solutions that enable residents to subscribe easily and without fuss. All aspects of the service should then run smoothly so that renewal rates are high and word-of-mouth is spread to encourage others to subscribe.

Capita’s Garden Waste Portal solution offers an efficient way to manage paid-for services. Created after discussions with a number of UK local authorities, highlight features of the portal include the following:

Customer-friendly – The portal enables customers to sign up for the service, pay for it and renew when the time comes. They can also view a history of their service subscription, amend their contact details and log issues, complaints or positive feedback.

Council branding - The portal can branded to match the rest of a council’s online presence, providing customers with a seamless feel to their interaction with the authority. 

A tool for council staff - For those customers who prefer to subscribe by phone, post or in-person, council staff can use the system on their behalf. Staff can also use the portal to check on the status of each customer, and update the system so that colleagues and customers can track activity.

Systems integration – The customer service capability is enhanced through the ability to integrate the portal with the authority’s CRM system, finance system and third party systems (such as outputting data to waste collection contractors).

Flexibility for different models – Every variable such as the council’s collection timeframe and options for bin and bag collection can be catered for. Facilities for ordering and paying for one-off collections of bulky waste such as fridges and washing machines can also be included.

Renewals processing – the portal manages communication with customers about renewals and the collection of ongoing subscription fees.

Monitoring and reporting – Metrics on more than 100 data types can be presented in various formats through a report writer included in the solution.

For more information, please download the Garden Waste Portal brochure below.