Our mission: To listen to your requirements, create efficient business processes using our Integra finance solution and deliver cost reductions and improved efficiencies. It’s what we do. 

NHS Timeline

In 1998, Integra was implemented at SETRHA, the South-East Thames regional Health Authority.

The Integra Graphical User Interface (GUI) was introduced in 1999 replacing the old character interface (CHUI).

The launch of Integra eSeries in 2009 provides non-core users with self-service functionality.

The development of the Integra Catalogue Expert in 2012 helps NHS procurement teams to select their supplies from a single access point

Capita Integrated business solutions with over 30 years’ experience, is a leading provider of financial software and bespoke data management solutions to many organisations. Our clients’ needs and expectations are the forefront of what we do, which is why we specialise in providing innovative financial software solutions. Capita Integrated business solutions plays a major role in enabling organisations to achieve their financial and e-Business strategies. Our financial software solutions are relied upon in the private, public, housing, and Not for Profit sector organisations.

Company timeline:

Trading as McKeown Software, the company built up an extensive customer base for its cost effective business accounting software solution 'Integra', with customers across both Public and Private sectors throughout the UK, Ireland, Hong Kong and Australia.

Acquired by Torex plc in November 2001, McKeown Software changed its name to Torex Business Solutions and continued to penetrate its targeted markets, including; Health, Local Authorities, Emergency Services and Retail.

The acquisition in 2004 by iSOFT plc further strengthened iSOFT Business Solutions market presence as a leading business management and information systems supplier. Its product portfolio has continued to be enhanced with its original financial solution Integra still leading the way as the de facto solution.

In October 2007 IBA Health, completed the acquisition of iSOFT plc. IBA Health is the largest information technology company listed on the Australian Stock Exchange and is a leading regional IT provider in Australia, China, India, Middle East, New Zealand, South Africa and South East Asia.

In December 2010 Capita plc acquired iSOFT Business Solutions, and changed its trading name to Capita Integrated business solutions.


Organisations using Integra

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