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Origin Resource Management is designed specifically to meet the HR needs of the UK Police service. It enables the organisation to efficiently capture, manage and interrogate personal and professional information relating to employees from their initial application to retirement.

Origin may be implemented as a single system or as a module of the wider Origin Resource Management solution where it is fully integrated with the other Origin modules, streamlining business processes, eliminating duplication of data but also facilitating sharing of relevant data, for example seamlessly sharing relevant skills information with Origin Duty Management to facilitate efficient rostering.

This function rich solution has been built so that information and processes within the HR sphere can be seamlessly integrated with other Origin modules such as Finance, Payroll and Procurement. The police specific modules include:

  • The core Police Personnel(PP)
  • Training Administration Systems (TAS)
  • Health and Safety Reporting (HSR)
  • Duty Management System (DMS)
  • Self-Service (SS)