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Integra Financials

Integra Financials

Our financial management software Integra combines an adaptable approach with solid practical experience and ensures that we can provide you with exactly the solution you need to achieve your e-business targets.

We use the latest technology to power our database management, windows and web architecture. The result is a flexible and powerful processing capability for all your financial accounting and management information needs. In terms of delivery, the choice is yours! Whether you want you be hands on, prefer a managed service or fully hosted cloud solution, we support whatever suits you best. To access the cloud solution even easier, you can now also find Integra on CloudStore and thus be assured that it confirms with the G-Cloud framework of the UK government.

Our expertise is based on the world-class financial management experience we’ve built up since the 1980s. Throughout this period we’ve been providing the leading solutions that our clients need to achieve their targets – tailored precisely to the needs of their sectors and maintained by our on-shore development and support teams.

One solution, many features

  • Scalable —  You can enjoy the benefits whether you’re a large corporate or a SME
  • Flexible —  Reflects and supports your management structure and working procedures – whether you’re public, private or not-for-profit
  • Easy to set up, easy to use —  Your staff will be up and running in no time, leaving them free to focus on your business
  • Multi-user capabilities —  Hundreds of concurrent users with no compromise of performance
  • Mobile —  The mobile functionality allows you to access Integra on the go
  • Comprehensive reporting and alerting facilities —  Gain improved business insight through cross-modular, graphical dashboard reporting and business intelligence tools
  • Workflow management —  Keeps everyone informed in real-time of relevant process details e.g. allowing authorised users to find out where a purchase order is, when it’s due and who’s handling it