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Capita Integrated business solutions' consultancy and training functions are ISO9001 registered. We believe that professional training is a key requirement to the success of any system implementation, and we place a great deal of emphasis and resource in this area.

Experienced Consultants

We have our own team of experienced consultants and trainers to cover all aspects of the system and operating environment. These include a mixture of finance and IT professionals. We can either carry out training at your site or at our classroom facilities. We provide comprehensive training notes for each course and we tailor them to the requirements of the users being trained.

Our training covers all aspects of the application, including the various modular areas, report tools, system administration, security, audit and customisation tools.

Why choose Capita Integrated Business Solutions Training?

  • Skill up - get the skills you need to do your job well
  • Raise morale - investing in people can increase motivation
  • Increase efficiency - use new or refined skills to become more productive
  • Stay competitive - trained and motivated people help businesses stay competitive, improving loyalty and saving recruitment costs

Learn New Skills and Improve Productivity!

Capita Integrated business solutions offers a wide range of training courses targeted towards established Integra users and those customers currently implementing Integra. With the courses provided by our dedicated training team, your staff can focus on learning and increasing their productivity without the day-to-day distractions of the office environment. To ensure a consistent approach in the training offered, all courses:

  • Are led by certified qualified trainers
  • Are supported by detailed training workbooks
  • Provided with hands-on opportunities to become familiar with Integra
  • Offer opportunities to test ‘real life’ scenarios
  • Encourage delegates to ask questions throughout the session
  • Are reviewed following their completion through a delegate feedback form
  • Provide a ‘Certificate of Competency'

Whether you’re starting a new job or you’ve been using our software for years, we’re sure we have a course that suits. We offer various levels of learning, so if you need to know the basics or want to update your skills, you should find one that’s right for you.

Please log in to our customer area to view training courses available at our Letchworth Training Centre. For further information please contact our Training Centre on 01462 476 806 or email ibs-info@capita.co.uk. To learn more please contact us.